RV Window Repair – An Alternative To OEM Motorhome Window Replacement


Do you have Cracks, Chips, or Moisture locked in your Motorhome Window? Have you thought about replacing it but were scared off because of the sky high OEM Window Replacement costs? Check out our RV Window Replacement Service! We take your existing window and duplicate it with brand new materials at a tremendous cost savings over buying factory.

Please Note: $150 Deposit Required – Exact Pricing Is Determined Upon Completion Of Window


Moisture In Your Windows? Cracks? Giant Chips?

We can help!

Many double pane RV windows have a tendency to leak moisture in between the panes. This moisture is not removable and it creates safety concerns due to reduced visibility. If you have attempted to acquire a motorhome window replacement known as an OEM window from the manufacturer, you may have encountered some serious sticker shock. Many double pane window units cost upwards of $1900.00 or more (even for a very small window).


Remove your window unit and ship it to us.

We have brand new automotive grade tempered glass custom cut in any size or shape to exact fit using your old RV window as a guide. We then hermetically seal them together and install the new glass unit back into your existing frame creating a brand new replacement window at a tremendous cost advantage over a factory OEM RV Window Replacement.

PRICING: Average $250 – $450 plus return shipping
Prices vary depending on window size and shape
$150 deposit required (applies to purchase price)

How do I remove the window from my RV? Easily…

  1. 1. Get a helper, wear safety glasses and gloves. Go to the inside of the RV where the bad window is and have your helper on the outside of the RV, ready to receive the window unit when attachment hardware is removed.
  2. 2. On the interior window frame, remove all of the perimeter screws from the frame ring, then remove the window frame ring and set aside.
  3. 3. The framed window unit can now be pushed out of the wall to the outside of the RV, carefully apply pressure to the window frame perimeter until it begins to separate from the wall.
  4. 4. Pack it up carefully and ship it to us at:
Fleetwood RV Hinges
814 Rising Sun Dr.
Nampa, ID 83686

It takes about 14-21 days to manufacture the replacement unit. We will contact you for the remainder of payment plus return shipping.


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